Welcome to  vanicek DENTAL

On behalf of myself, and our entire dental team, we welcome you to our family dental office located in Williamsburg Village. – Mark Vanicek, DDS, PC

Our Services

Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Porcelain Laminate Veneers are probably the most esthetic means of creating a more pleasing and beautiful smile.


When a tooth is cracked, decayed, or damaged, a crown may need to be fitted onto the tooth.

Composite Restorations (Fillings)

Tooth colored fillings which are a stronger, safer and more natural looking alternative to silver fillings.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are devices used to fill the space where a tooth has fallen out or been removed.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are designed to save a tooth when the nerve is infected or injured.

Dental Implant Services

For individuals who wish to replace missing teeth, dental implants may be an effective long-term solution.

Teeth Whitening Services

We can create custom bleaching trays and a whitening gel which are substantially stronger than over the counter products.


We are certain that you will find the atmosphere here to be warm and friendly. The office is designed to be comfortable and relaxing, to ensure that every visit is one that you at least don’t dread, and yes, maybe even look forward to! We offer you the very best in dental services, the very latest in dental technology and the friendliest team of professionals that will ensure you receive the very best…because you deserve it!

  • Dr. Vanicek is the first dentist I have been to that actually asked me about my family and life apart from my dental care needs. He really cares about me!

    Amy S.
  • Clean, cheerful appearing office with a pleasant staff. Dr. Vanicek makes you feel comfortable and appreciated.

    Jim S.
  • I was sincerely pleased with the quality of care that was given me the day of my appointment. When I left I felt like I was a person and not just a patient.

    Michaela P.
  • I was fit in because I had a toothache. I was very appreciative of him and his staff.

    Bob B.
  • The front desk staff knows who I am, which I love! It makes me feel like I am coming to see friends. The hygienist and assistant were both friendly, fun and they answered all my questions. Thank you so much!

    Carol S.
  • I recently lost a crown on a day when the office was closed. After leaving a message, Dr. Vanicek called me that day and he was able to come in after hours to see me and re-cement the crown, otherwise I would have been ‘crown-less’ all weekend! Thanks!

    Julie S.
  • I lost a filling on the weekend and was concerned that I would have problems. I called Dr. Vanicek and he assured me that I would not do any more damage to the tooth and he made sure that I was seen right away Monday morning. I appreciated the extra effort!

    Mike L.
  • I think it is really cool that there are TV’s that are affixed to the ceiling… get to catch up on the latest sports news and get my teeth cleaned at the same time!

    Tyler S.
  • My kids love coming to the dentist. They think it is fun! That makes my life a whole lot easier!

    Kelly T.
  • What I really appreciate about Dr. Vanicek is that he is very thorough about explaining the treatment and what he was going to do before the work was done!

    Cheryl K.

Our goal is for you to receive compassionate, quality care in a professional and friendly environment.